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How to publish a product using the Upload design feature?

The "Upload design” feature is a great way to easily create and publish your custom products. With just a few clicks, you can upload your artwork, have a mockup generated, set the pricing, and publish the product to your Shopify or Etsy integrated store and start selling. If you don't have a store connected yet, you can save the design as a template and publish it later.

How does it work?

Go to the top right corner in your Gelato account to '+ Create' button. Click on it and select 'Upload design'.


This action will direct you to the below screen were you can drag-drop your files or upload using the displayed options:


When you are done uploading, click Continue. Product previews will automatically be generated for the different categories we offer in our catalog, making it easy for you to pick the product(s) you want to publish.

Browse through and select all the product(s) you want to publish.


Once you are done, click on Continue.

Now you can select the mockup for the product(s) you selected:

Click Continue when done.

Next step is to add the tittle and description of the product. By default you will see the information from our product catalog, but you can adjust the content.


The final step is to define the price of your product(s):


Review the product and click Publish to complete the process. If you are not ready to publish the product to your store or haven't connected your store yet, you can just save the design as a template and publish it later. Read more about templates here.


This tool is available to Gelato+ and Gold customers. Users with no premium subscriptions may still try the feature by uploading 5 designs before deciding to subscribe to Gelato+ to continue using it.

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