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Changing Order Status in Shopify Manually When Fulfilled by Gelato

This article will show you step how to manually change the status of your Shopify order (that is being fulfilled by Gelato).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our custom-tailored Shopify integration allows for a smooth service, so for all intents and purposes, we recommend avoiding any manual changes to the order as affecting fulfillment may break the order connection with Gelato. Manual changes may prevent the automated integration from updating the order status further after it is changed, however, we do realize that in some rare situations, you as a store owner may want and need to perform such change.

The most common reasons why a Shopify user would need to use this option are listed below:

  1. The original order was canceled/refused in your Gelato Dashboard and you created a new manual order
  2. You are using a custom set up involving Shopify and third party apps which requires you to revert the "Fulfilled by Gelato" status in your store
  3. You want to cancel the order in your Shopify

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