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How can I add a different price per quantity?

Looking to increase sales and offer your customers a better deal for buying in bulk? Shopify's built-in discount functionality allows you to easily set up quantity discounts, making it a breeze for your customers to save money while they shop.

With this method, you can offer a % discount per each of the quantities that a customer can order.

Check out our example below, where each increase earns an additional 5% discount.

Quantity Total price Discount % Discount unit price Total price w. discount
1 product $29.90 0% $2.99 $29.90
2 products $59.80 5% $2.84 $56.81
3 products $89.70 10% $2.69 $80.73
4 products $119.60 15% $2.54 $101.66
5 products $149.50 20% $2.39 $119.60

Setting up these discounts is a snap! Simply log into your Shopify admin, click on Discounts in the left menu, and choose "Amount off products". 

Select "Automatic discount" to apply the discount to your customer's order automatically. Give your discount a catchy name like "2 products discount" and set the percent discount to X%. You can even select which products the discount applies to, and choose a minimum quantity of items to apply the discount.

Don't stop there! To maximize your conversion rate and show off those great discounts, make sure to display the discount, original price, and discounted price directly on your own website before checkout. 

So what are you waiting for? Start setting up your quantity discounts in Shopify today and watch your sales soar!

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