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How do I use the Strategies feature within the Price Navigator?

Strategies allow you to easily set pricing rules relative to costs. You can choose to set an absolute amount of profit, a profit margin, or a multiplier of either the product costs or the product and shipping costs.

How it works:

  1. Choose to set absolute profit (e.g. 100 NOK more than the costs), profit margin (e.g. 70% profit margin on top of the costs), or a retail price to some multiple of cost (e.g. 1.5x the costs).
  2. Choose if you want to set this relative to product cost (e.g. the cost of a t-shirt) or product and shipping cost (e.g. the cost of a t-shirt and its shipping).
  3. You can apply any product to the strategy or have multiple strategies.

The Price Navigator is available for Gelato+ Gold subscribers only. IT IS HIDDEN FROM NEW SUBSCRIBERS WHILE SOME IMPROVEMENTS ARE BEING MADE!!!


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