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How to download order CSVs from Etsy and import into Gelato

As we’re experiencing technical issues with our Etsy integration, you can still export your orders from Etsy and import them in Gelato manually to fulfill those. Please follow these steps:


Step 1. Download the order CSVs from your Etsy account


  1. Sign in to your Etsy account and go to Settings > Options > Download Data

  1. Go to the “orders” section, click “CSV type” dropdown, select “Order”, choose “October” and “2023”, and click “Download CSV”. 

  1. Click “CSV type” dropdown again, select “Order item”, choose “October” and “2023”, and click “Download CSV”. 
  2. Open “Order” CSV and add a new column “Email” as a last column. Add the email address of your customer to each respective order. 
  3. Remove any orders before the 22nd of October from the “Order” CSV and save the file.


Step 2. Import both files in the Gelato dashboard


  1. Sign in to your Gelato account and go to “Stores”. Click on “Import orders” next to your Etsy store.


  1. Click on each link in the popup and upload the respective file.

  1. Click “Import” once both files are uploaded.
  2. Go to “Order” and check orders are imported successfully. Please note that it might take a few minutes depending on the number of orders before those are shown.

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