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What is Gelato's Personalization Studio?

Gelato's Personalization Studio seamlessly integrates powerful creation and automation tools, offering an all-in-one platform for designing and fulfilling personalized products. With real-time personalization, streamlined order processing, and compatibility with both Etsy and Shopify, Personalization Studio revolutionizes your personalized product business.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Personalization for Etsy:
    • Turn customers' personalization requests into ready-to-fulfill designs effortlessly.
    • Choose to manually approve each order or automate the process based on your preference
  • Real-time Shopify Personalization:
    • Offer customers a dynamic, real-time personalization experience directly on your Shopify product pages.
    • Customers can preview their customizations live, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Personalization with Collections:
    • Upload your own graphics or utilize Gelato's extensive collection to provide a wide range of personalization options to your customers.


Q: Can I charge a premium price for personalized products?

A: Yes, personalized products have a higher perceived value. You can set premium prices, increasing your average order value and maximizing your profits.

Q: Can I share subscriptions between Etsy and Shopify?

A: While you can share assets like collections and product templates, subscriptions for Etsy and Shopify are separate. Each platform requires its own subscription payment.

Q: Is Personalization Studio compatible with both Etsy and Shopify?

A: Absolutely! Personalization Studio works seamlessly on both Etsy and Shopify, offering a consistent and efficient personalization experience across platforms.

Q: How much does Personalization Studio cost?

A: Personalization Studio offers five tiers, ranging from €29/month to €749/month, with transaction fees varying based on the number of orders. Choose a tier that aligns with your order volume to optimize your costs.

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