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What is the Gelato Dashboard?

The Gelato Dashboard is the "control panel" for your Gelato API experience. It contains detailed information about the products that our global network supports (including pricing) and gives you full control over the orders placed through Gelato API. 


Signing in

The first thing to access the API Portal is to sign in. There are two different scenarios possible:

1. If your organization already has an account, please ask your admin to invite you

2. If your organization doesn’t have an account yet, please create one (see below)



Home (Dashboard)

The home page of the portal is entirely dedicated to the dashboard where you can get an overview of the activity in your account, including the number of orders, print spend and breakdown by country and by product type. You can customize the timeframe using the dedicated selector at the top-right corner.   



Product catalogue

This section gives an overview of all of our available products including prices for different quantities and countries in different currencies.





The order section allows you to browse your order history and see order status and detailed information. You can apply different filters to find your orders faster. Also, by clicking on the button Add order on the top-right corner, you will be able to place a new order via UI, even if your integration is not in place.



By clicking on one of the orders you can see the relevant details. You can also e.g. download the PDF version of the file or modify the address of the recipient. From this page, you will also be able to place reorders or to cancel existing orders using the dedicated buttons.  


Order billing receipts

From this section, you will be able to download in Excel or CSV formats the billing details about the orders that were placed during a specific time frame.

Note: In order to view this tab, you will need to have permission "Order export". 



API Documentation

This is a link to the API documentation page which contains information useful for developers on how to integrate and use Gelato API.


Help Center

This is a link to the API Help Center which contains useful resources about Gelato API as well as FAQs.



In this section, you will find additional settings for your account, such as user management, payment method, company information, API key management, notifications (webhooks) and resale certificate. Please refer to the dedicated page for additional information.



This section contains a list of all your users, it allows you to create new users (Add user button at the top-right corner) and to manage them. By clicking on the name of the desired user, you can update their information or assign them a role and customized permissions as well as delete the account. 




Payment method

In this section, you can add your credit card information and review the payment methods that have been already added to your account.




Here you can see and edit basic company details as well as your billing address that will be used for billing and sending your product samples.



API Keys

In this section, you can see all the keys used in your account with their status. This is also where to go to deactivate existing keys or to create new ones.

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The Gelato API can be configured to send webhook events to notify your application any time an event happens on your order. Through the API Portal, you can set up your preferred way to get information back from our API.




Resale certificate

A resale certificate is a document that indicates that the purchaser intends to resell the goods. It is important in the US for us to calculate taxes correctly when charging you for your orders.






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