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Getting Started with API Integration

Welcome to Gelato API!

In this guide, you will find the most important information to get started if you want to integrate with our APIs. 


Technical documentation

Start by reviewing our technical documentation available here. 

Important: It is essential that your technical team responsible for the integration is fully aware of this and all the different requirements. Also, review this periodically as we might update it and/or add more functionalities.


Gelato Dashboard

The Gelato Dashboard is the "control panel" for your Gelato API experience. It contains detailed information about the products that our global network supports (including pricing) and gives you full control over the orders placed through Gelato API.


Design requirements and product mapping

Please familiarize with our design requirements and make sure that the files you submit are following our guidelines as this will ensure optimal print results.

Also, please ensure that you understand the concept of product UID and how to map your products to Gelato standards.


Exploring products and prices

If you want to know what products we support, their specifications, the geographical limitations and the prices per country and quantity, please refer to the product catalogue available in our API Portal. Additional information on products and design can be found here.

Note: Shipping prices are live as they depend on the shipping methods available in each country at the moment you place the order, hence you will not find them in the API Portal. For more information on how to determine shipping prices, please read here.



Once you are ready to start testing, please generate a key and put this key to X-API-KEY header of your HTTP requests. You will be able to test the following:

Note: Orders will be automatically cancelled and not shipped.

Note: This call will always return Cancelled status in Sandbox.

Tip: You can also start requesting quotes and placing test orders before the integration on your side is completed using the API Portal. This will allow you to get an initial understanding of the information required, how to correctly match files with the right product UID and the responses you might get.

If you use a key in your Live environment, you will be able to get the orders shipped and delivered to the address provided and test the end-to-end flow.


Additional information

  • Shipping: The most important information around shipping  
  • Customer service: A detailed description of our customer service process and the kind of information we need from you
  • Terms of use: Our general terms of use of the service
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