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When do you split the orders?

We split the orders based on the number of products you are ordering and the selected shipping method on Gelato:

  • Less than ~7kg print material goes in a single shipment, else the order is shipped with split shipments
  • Orders that have products weighing more than ~28kg are shipped on a pallet
  • For orders with multiple products, flat and smaller size products such as Brochures, Flyers, Letterheads, etc. might be combined in a shipment BUT Roll-ups and Posters are always shipped separately from other products. This is to avoid damage to the Roll-ups or Posters as they require packaging to protect them better.
  • Rarely, products on a single order are printed at different Printhouse because of the type of products possible for a given printer. In such a case, there will be multiple shipments for the customer
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