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How do I place a reorder via the API Portal?

If you need to place a reorder for one of your existing orders, you can do that easily with our API Portal. 


1. Go to the Orders page and find the order you would like to reorder. Tip: You can use the filters to retrieve your order faster.



2. Click on the order reference ID to open the order detail page, where you can review all the information around your order. Click on Reorder at the top-left corner.  



3. Review the order details and click on Get quote on the right-hand side to get a quote of the cost of the shipping.



4. The available shipping options (with corresponding prices) will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Select the one you prefer and click on Place order on the right-hand side.



5. A confirmation message will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can click on the link to view the details of your order. 


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