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Getting Started with Shipping

Once your order is processed, it will be printed and dispatched to the shipping address provided. To ensure that orders are delivered smoothly, it is essential that you keep in mind some important points.



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Shipping options

We provide a combination of local and international shipping options. You can see what shipment methods are available when placing an order.

In most countries, we offer the option to choose between Standard/Economy and Express shipping.

  • Standard/Economy is a delivery service for mail that is too heavy for a normal letter post. Delivery time for domestic standard parcel delivery normally takes between 2-4 days.
  • Express Services are processed by the shipping company as a priority as it is time-sensitive: delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.



We deliver to more than 200 countries and territories and have local printing in 30 countries in all major regions. However, even if we have local production in a country, some products might still be produced in a different country due to production limitations or other reasons and shipped internationally across borders. You cannot decide where an order will be produced.

More information on shipping to countries where we don't have local production can be found here.


Shipping information

Providing correct shipping information will ensure that the orders are delivered smoothly.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Shipping addresses for China 🇨🇳, Russia 🇷🇺, Japan 🇯🇵 and South Korea 🇰🇷 must be added in the local language due to shipping partners' requirements. For some fields, a limited number of Latin characters is allowed. 
  • The fields have a character limit (different for each field) - this is due to shipping partners' requirements. It is not possible to exceed the limit because this would not fit on the shipping label.
  • For Brazil (🇧🇷), there are some additional requirements needed to comply with local tax regulations. Read more...


Shipping cost and time

You can get quotes on live shipping cost and time from the API portal by placing an order or simply by exploring our Product Catalogue which provides information on shipping cost and estimated delivery date for each product. We offer flat rate shipping on many products, which means that you have the same price in all countries within a specific geographical area.

Note: Please bear in mind that shipping cost and time are affected by the product ordered, the quantity, the country where the product is produced and shipped to, as well as the chosen shipping method. 



The answers to your most frequently asked questions on shipping can be found here.

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