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How do I add, remove, deactivate or replace an API key?

Through the Gelato Dashboard, you can manage all the keys used to access our API services.


Adding a new key

1. To access the key management page, login to your account on the API Portal, then select Settings > API Keys from the left menu. All the keys are displayed here, including their status.


2. To add a new key, click on the dedicated button (Add API key) at the top-right corner and choose a name, then click Create key.


3. The key is generated. Note: Please copy the note to the clipboard using the dedicated button (or store it in a safe place) before you go back to the list as the key itself won't be accessible any more after that. 



Removing and deactivating a key

1. To remove a key, you will need to deactivate it first. To deactivate a key go to the API keys page, find the key you wish to deactivate, click on the 3-dot button on the left and select Deactivate. The status of the key will change.


2. Once the key has been deactivated, you can delete it by selecting the dedicated option (Delete) from the same menu. The key will disappear from the list. 



Replacing an existing key

In some cases, you might want to replace an existing key already in use. Please follow the flow below to ensure a smooth process: 

  • Go to Gelato Dashboard and create a new key, as described above
  • Update the key in your system
  • Confirm that orders are passing through without issues
  • Deactivate the old key, as described above
  • Confirm that orders are passing through without issues
  • (Optionally) Delete the old key
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