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Where can I find country and state codes?

To create an order, you have to include the country code and state code (where applicable) in the recipient address. While the country code is always mandatory, the state code is only mandatory for the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, United Kingdom and the United States.

Note: For the UK, you should indicate the county in the state code field.

  • Country codes are based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard and are two letters long.
  • State codes are based on the ISO 3166-2 standard by omitting the country code part of the code.

Below are the state codes for Australia (AU), Canada (CA) and the United States (US):

Australia (AU)  
State Code   State Name
ACT   Australian Capital Territory
NSW   New South Wales
NT   Northern Territory
QLD   Queensland
SA   South Australia
TAS   Tasmania
VIC   Victoria
WA   Western Australia
Canada (CA)  
State Code   State Name
AB   Alberta
BC   British Columbia
MB   Manitoba
NB   New Brunswick
NL   Newfoundland and Labrador
NS   Nova Scotia
NT   Northwest Territories
NU   Nunavut
ON   Ontario
PE   Prince Edward Island
QC   Quebec
SK   Saskatchewan
YT   Yukon
United States (US)  
State Code   State Name
AA   Armed Forces Americas
AE   Armed Forces
AK   Alaska
AL   Alabama
AP   Armed Forces Pacific
AR   Arkansas
AS   American Samoa
AZ   Arizona
CA   California
CO   Colorado
CT   Connecticut
DC   District of Columbia
DE   Delaware
FL   Florida
FM   Federated States of Micronesia
GA   Georgia
GU   Guam
HI   Hawaii
IA   Iowa
ID   Idaho
IL   Illinois
IN   Indiana
KS   Kansas
KY   Kentucky
LA   Louisiana
MA   Massachusetts
MD   Maryland
ME   Maine
MH   Marshall Islands
MI   Michigan
MN   Minnesota
MO   Missouri
MP   Northern Mariana Islands
MS   Mississippi
MT   Montana
NC   North Carolina
ND   North Dakota
NE   Nebraska
NH   New Hampshire
NJ   New Jersey
NM   New Mexico
NV   Nevada
NY   New York
OH   Ohio
OK   Oklahoma
OR   Oregon
PA   Pennsylvania
PR   Puerto Rico
PW   Palau
RI   Rhode Island
SC   South Carolina
SD   South Dakota
TN   Tennessee
TX   Texas
UT   Utah
VA   Virginia
VI   Virgin Islands
VT   Vermont
WA   Washington
WI   Wisconsin
WV   West Virginia
WY   Wyoming
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