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How much does Gelato cost?

Gelato is free

Good news! It's completely free to sign up and use Gelato! You'll only be charged for the product and shipping costs when you make an order. There are no setup costs, minimum order requirements, or monthly fees.

With your free Gelato account, you can access:

Transactions during an order

When you receive an order from your customer, there are two separate transactions involved:

  1. You will charge your customer the retail price you determined. This transaction where your customer pays you happens when your customer makes a purchase and pays you through your ecommerce store. 
  2. Gelato then charges you separately for the product fulfillment and shipping when we receive the paid order from your ecommerce store.

You can read more about this here.

You can set your retail prices as high or as low as you want. So whatever is left over after Gelato charges you is your profit! Take a look at our product catalog for our prices.

Gelato+ subscription

If you choose to upgrade from your free plan and subscribe to our optional Gelato+ plan, you will need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. This is our subscription plan that gives you access to a pack of exclusive design and workflow features.

If you are currently on a free trial, if you do not add a payment method to renew your Gelato+ subscription, your trial will be canceled automatically and you will not be charged.


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