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What paper types do you support?

You can find all the products, formats, sizes and paper combinations in our Product catalogue in the Gelato Dashboard.

Depending on the product you select, we offer different paper types, the most common ones being:

Matte or uncoated

Matte paper is uncoated. It is generally more expensive than coated paper, less consistent in different countries and is also not available as widely around the world. Matte paper should be avoided with heavy ink coverage, as it can look mottled. Heavy ink coverage is better suited to coated stocks with protection to stop rub and scratching (read more on protection below).

Semi-glossy or silk coated

Silk paper is a coated paper with a slight sheen. It should be used for documents with heavy ink coverage. You can apply both a matte or glossy protection to silk paper (more on this below). Silk paper should not be used for pages intended to write on.


Protection is a good way to protect against scratches and against colour rubbing off, especially on heavily coloured documents. We recommend always selecting protection for heavily coloured cover pages on saddle-stitched or perfect bind documents in order to avoid cracks in the spine. We offer both glossy and matte protection.

Also, different paper standards are used worldwide with North America using lb to define paperweight vs. the rest of the world using gsm instead. Read more...

Note: Please note that we currently do not offer photographic paper.


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