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In what format can I upload my files?

There are 2 different ways to create files that are printable with Gelato:

  • you can either upload a print-ready file (PDF or image) - In this case, click on the button "Upload print file" on the product page. Once you upload the file, you won't be able to resize it.


We recommend uploading your PDFs according to our file requirements.

  • you can use our design editor to create your file from scratch (using a PDF, PNG/JPG/HEIC file, and/or adding text boxes) - In this case, click on the button "Start designing" on the product. page. Once you upload the file, you will be able to move it, resize it, etc.


We recommend designing posters and all non-paper products such as canvas, apparel, mugs, acrylic, and metallic, using sRGB image files, as this will help preserve the greatest possible vibrancy from the images when the product is printed. For small format digital printing such as brochures and business stationery, we recommend using CMYK image files.




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