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Are there any requirements for shipping addresses?

Yes. Requirements for shipping addresses depend on the country you wish to ship your orders to. These requirements come from local shipping providers, and they are mandatory for the shipping providers to accept the package.

If these requirements are not met, then the order will be automatically put on hold (status failed) and you will receive a notification to update the address and place a reorder. In a few cases where it is clear what change is needed, we (Gelato) may fix the address ourselves and place a reorder.


The most important requirements are:

  • The fields have a character limit (different for each field) - this is due to shipping partners' requirements. It is not possible to exceed the limit because this would not fit on the shipping label*
  • Postcode must be valid and meet local requirements. This includes the number of digits, permissible characters etc.
  • Phone number is mandatory for some shipping providers, especially express. Max length is 10 digits (and for UAE, the country code can be omitted)
  • Shipping addresses for China 🇨🇳, Japan 🇯🇵 and South Korea 🇰🇷 must be added in local language due to shipping partners' requirements. For address line fields, only a limited number of Latin characters is allowed. 
  • For Brazil 🇧🇷, there are some additional requirements needed to comply with local tax regulations. Read more...
  • The state code is mandatory for the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, United Kingdom, and the United States. Read more...
  • There should not be any special characters in the address fields. Only the following special characters are accepted .,\-'()

*Important: In general the limit is 35 characters per address line, however there are 2 exceptions:

Country Address line1 Address line2
Germany 40 25
Brazil 35 30

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