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Where is Gelato registered for Tax/VAT purposes?

Gelato is registered in several countries around the world for tax/vat purposes. Here is an overview:


  •  Brazil
  •  Canada
  •  Chile
  •  USA
    • CA-California
    • CO - Colorado
    • FL - Florida
    • GA - Georgia
    • ID - Idaho
    • IL - Illinois
    • MA - Massachusetts
    • MD - Maryland
    • MI - Michigan
    • MN - Minnesota
    • NV - Nevada
    • OK - Oklahoma
    • PA - Pennsylvania
    • TX - Texas

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Asia and Oceania

  •  Australia
  •  China
  •  India
  •  Japan
  •  New Zealand

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  •  Austria
  •  Belgium
  •  Czech Republic
  •  Denmark
  •  France
  •  Germany
  •  Ireland
  •  Italy
  •  Netherlands
  •  Norway
  •  Poland
  •  Portugal
  •  Russia
  •  Spain
  •  Sweden
  •  Switzerland
  •  United Kingdom

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Note: Please note this can change at any time.

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