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How do I design a photo book?

We offer photo books with both soft- and hard-cover.

When you create a file to be printed as a photo book, this needs to be created paying attention to some additional guidelines. As general guidance:

  • You should submit one single document containing both the cover and the inner pages
  • The first page of the PDF is a spread containing the front cover, the spine and the back cover
  • The inner pages should be added as single pages (not spread)
  • The first and the last of the inner pages will be blank
  • The number of pages you indicate includes front and back cover as well as internal white pages

E.g. For a soft-cover photo book with 30 pages, you will have a PDF with 29 pages:

  • Page 1: Spread with back cover, spine and front cover
  • Page 2: Blank
  • Pages 3-28: Inner pages
  • Page 29: Blank

The easiest way to ensure that your file is correct is to download a sample template from the Product Catalogue after selecting the specific format and number of pages.  


Sample template: 

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