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How can I order customized designs through Shopify?

If you are selling customized products through your Shopify store, there are 2 different ways to support this with Gelato:

Note: Please note that it is possible to activate the manual order approval workflow even if your end-customers are customizing the design using the online editor in your store. This is something you can use if, for example, you want to validate the customization before the order is sent to production.


Manual order approval workflow 

The order approval functionality allows you to upload custom designs after your customers place an order. All the order placed by your customers are automatically set to status "Pending Approval" and will require your approval to add the customized file before it is sent to print and shipped to your customers.

This is a perfect solution if you are selling products with customizations that require a designer to create the final design based on your customer's input. 



Editor in your store

A great alternative to the manual approval workflow is to use our editor directly in your store. This way, your customers will be able to customize your products directly from your store before they add it to the cart. This is a perfect solution if the product customization options are limited and can be done directly by your end-customer without the need of a designer (e.g. customizing a text box or changing an existing image). 

How do I select what actions a customer can do with a layer?

You can control what type of actions your customers can do for each of the layers in the design through the layer lock icon. 

  • Personalization disabled for the layer: The customer can’t edit the layer. 
  • Personalization enabled and unlocked layer: The customer can change the text (including font size, colour, alignment) / image, move/resize/delete/copy the layer. 
  • Personalization enabled and locked layer: The customer can change the text/image. The customer cannot move, resize, delete, copy the layer. 

Setting up more options for personalization

Another way to allow your customers to add an extra personal touch to their orders will be to use our Product Personalization Tool to add products to your Shopify store. This will allow personalization during the purchase with the editor in store. You can read more on how to set up such products here.


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