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How can I order customized designs through Shopify?

The Order approval functionality allows you to upload custom designs after your customers place an order - see steps below.


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Setting up manual order approval

Just fo to "Stores", select your store and then "Edit store details", finally change order approval from "Automatic" to "Manual". By selecting "Manual", each order will need to be approved before it is sent to print, which means that orders can be edited (e.g. you can upload your customer's customized design) before they are submitted to Gelato to be fulfilled.





Approving an order

In order to approve an order, please follow the steps below.

1. Retrieve your order from the Orders tab in your account. The order is in status "Pending approval". Click on the order to see the order detail page.


2. On the order detail page, you can review the order details and click on "Approve" to customize and proceed with the order. 


3. In the next step, just click on "Edit" in the "Products" section.


4. Finally, click on "Upload another file" and upload the customized file you wish to be printed. Then click on "Get quote" and place the order.


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