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What materials are frames and hangers made of?

Our wooden frames are produced from natural pine/oak wood whereas our metal frames are produced from aluminum.

Our hangers are produced from natural pine/ash/oak wood.

Our wooden products may be made of different types of wood, based on local availability in the region of production. We strive to work with sourced from as close as possible, so as to reduce shipping distances and remain committed to our sustainability principle


Note: Please note that all our frames have clear plexiglass. We use protective film to secure quality and in some cases, this may be colored. The protective film can be peeled off.  There's no option to choose a specific wood. 

Note: Please note that the mock-ups in the Product Catalog are indicative. We strive to minimize variation across our network, but frames may slightly differ depending on suppliers and materials between regions. The stock in North America is not fully matte coated and the grain is visible.

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