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What is the printable area for mugs?

The printable area for mugs depends on the mug format you choose. 

You can find the printable area for each mug format in the table below: 

Mug Format Printable Area (width x height)
White 11oz Ceramic Mug with Color Inside 200x96mm
Magic 11oz Ceramic Mug 200x96mm
208x129mm (flat) / approx. 204x136mm (fitted)
82x125mm (flat) / approx. 110x128mm (fitted)

*These mug formats are conical (rather than cylindrical like the other mugs) so the design file will be morphed from your flat design file when fitted on the tapered product.

You can either use our online editor or the sample template available on the product page to design your mug according to our specifications.


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