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How do I get the price for different quantities?

In order to get the price for different quantities, there are 2 cases to consider:

  • Multiple items of the same product but with different file/design
  • Multiple copies of the same product and same file

Multiple items of the same product with different file/design

When you are ordering multiple items of the same product but with a different design in the same order, the product pricing is very simple as it is simply the unit price multiplied by the number of items. E.g. in the example below, 1 Classic Matte Paper poster in A4 format is EUR 6.18. This means that if you place an order for 2 Classic Matte Paper posters in A4 format with different designs the product cost will be EUR 6.18 x 2 = EUR 13.62.



Multiple copies of the same product and same file

If you are trying to order multiple copies of exactly the same design, then the unit price will go down as the total number of copies increases. Here is how to find the price:

1. Go to the Product Catalogue, select the product category you are interested in (e.g. Posters) and then choose the specific product you want (e.g. Standard Uncoated Paper)


2. In the Product details page, scroll to the bottom and select "All prices and shipping"


3. In the next page, you will see all the prices for the different quantities allowed for that specific product.



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