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What is the design editor?

The design editor is the best way to create your print files with Gelato. You can access the editor by selecting "Design your print" on the product page and upload images or PDF files.

Accessing the online design editor

In order to open the design editor, just go to the Product Catalogue, select the product you want to print, select the format and orientation and any other customizable options, then click on "Start designing".




The most important section of the editor is Layers. From here, you can add images or text to your design. Just click on "Add new" and select "Add image" or "Add text". 





Depending on whether it's an image or a text box, you will see different options on the top bar, e.g. change the font, font size, position, etc. 





In the Files section, you can find all the pictures that you have added to the document.




The text menu will allow you to add text boxes.


All our fonts support Latin characters. If you would like to add Cyrillic script, some of our fonts do support it, but some not. If the text disappears or is shown as squares it doesn't support Cyrillic. You could try instead some of free fonts that shall support it: Arial, Didact Gothic, Fira Sans font family, Monserrat, Noto font family, Open Sans, Oswald, PlayFair font family, Pacifico. 

If you wish to add a text, consisted of other characters/alphabets (e.g. Arabic alphabet, Japanese writing, Greek etc.) and to make it a part of his/her design, you may create a photo including the text and to upload it to an empty photo box in the editor (as a *pdf, *jpeg, *png file). We have a limit of up to 2000 characters for text boxes. If you need to add more text, please consider adding separate text boxes/layers.


When you upload an image, our system will automatically check its resolution and show a warning message if needed. More info here.




The Layouts section provides a number of premade layouts to help you create a beautiful design.




In the Settings section, you can review some of the settings of the editor, e.g. show a grid to simplify your editing or show the bleeds.




Finally, once you are done with the editing, you can click on "Preview" to see how your product will be in real life using one of our beautiful mockups.



For some products, such as mugs, you will also be able to see a 3D render.





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