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Email Notification from Gelato: Order [123] is on hold - Action required

When an order cannot be processed by Gelato, you will receive a notification including the order ID as well as an error message explaining why the order failed (see example below). Typically this happens if the file or address does not meet the requirements.

Note: You are not charged for these orders as we couldn't process them.


Steps for Fixing and Placing a Reorder:

1. Check if a reorder has been placed: Search for the order ID under Orders > Reference ID in the API Portal. If a reorder has been placed successfully (order exists with status not 'Failed') then you can ignore the notification.

2. Fix the issue: If a reorder has not been placed, then review the error message to fix the issue. A list of the most common order validation errors and solutions can be found here

3. Place a reorder: Use the instructions here to place a reorder.


Example Notification from Gelato:





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