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My order shows it is being returned to sender, what now?

Returned due to invalid address or rejection

Most of the time, this is due to an incorrect or incomplete address such as an address for an apartment building with no apartment number. A mistake or exclusion with a single letter or number could cause the package to become undeliverable.

The order may also be returned to the sender if the recipient rejects the order.

In such cases, we would advise contacting your end customer to verify if they have provided the correct address and determine how they would like to proceed. 

If they would still like to receive their order, please place a new order with an updated address.

For the above cases, if your customer would still like to receive their order, you will be charged for the new order.

Returned due to other reasons

Orders may be returned to the sender due to other reasons, including:

  • The shipment was unclaimed at customs
  • The shipment was unclaimed at the courier's pick-up point
  • The recipient being unavailable when the courier attempted delivery
  • The courier may not support delivery to PO boxes (read more)
  • The delivery destination was a military address (read more)

For these cases, please place a new order and get in touch with us so that we can report the problem and arrange for the product price to be refunded for the new order. This way, you will only pay again for the shipping of the order.

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