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How do I connect my Etsy store to Gelato?

Before you connect your Etsy store to Gelato, you will need to create accounts on both.

Note: You need to finish setting up your Etsy seller account in order to be able to connect your Etsy store to Gelato.

If you are selling print-on-demand products on your store, Etsy asks you to list your print production partners. So just add Gelato as your print production partner (Etsy Dashboard > Settings > Production partners > Add a new production partner)



Connecting to Etsy

  • Go to your Gelato account, select Stores and click on Add Etsy store


  • Click on Connect Etsy and just follow the process. You will simply need to log in with your Etsy account and allow access to the Gelato app and within seconds your Etsy store will be connected to Gelato!


Well done! Let's see how to add a listing to your Etsy store.



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