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How do I add Gelato products to my Etsy store?

You can add Gelato products to your Etsy store in minutes! Here are the steps to follow.

Note: In order to add Gelato products to your Etsy store, you will first need to connect the two. You can read more about this here.


I have existing listings in Etsy that I want to migrate to Gelato

If you already have existing products on your Etsy store, they will be automatically pushed trough to your Gelato store after connecting. The products will appear as "Not connected" which means that Gelato won't be fulfilling those unless you choose so. If there are any products you would like to be fulfilled with a different supplier, just mark them ad "Ignored" in Gelato.



I don't have any existing listings in Etsy

If you don't have any existing listing in Etsy and want to add products directly from Gelato to your Etsy store, just go to Gelato Dashboard > Stores and select your Etsy store, then click on "Add product" and follow the process.



Important! The products are added as a draft. This is done so that Etsy won't charge you until you are sure that you really want to publish that product.

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