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How to set-up and use a Wallet?

Gelato Wallets allows you to add a prepaid amount to your account (Wallet) and use the balance to pay for orders. You can create wallets in 14 currencies and select the one(s) you want to use. Once a Wallet is activated you decide the amount you want to prepay and you can also enable automatic top-ups, for when your balance gets too low.


Where can I find my Wallets?

You can find your Wallets by going to your Billing > Payment Methods.



Wallet activation

  • Select the Wallet in the currency you want to use and click Activate.


  •  Link a credit card and add credit to the wallet. Click on Configure.


Note: Your credit card is only charged when used to top-up the Wallet. You can see a full overview of transactions in the transaction history of each wallet. 

In order to avoid conversion rate challenges, once you add money to a Wallet, this can not be moved or transferred to another Wallet (i.e you can not move 50 euros from your EUR Wallet to your USD Wallet).

Important to consider:

  • The minimum top-up amount is 50 in the selected currency.
  • The maximum to-up amount we can process per transaction is 20,000 EUR / USD / GBP (or the equivalent in another currency).
  • You can add several cards to one Wallet.


Automatic top-up 

We recommend to activate automatic top-ups on your Wallet(s), this will help you avoid the need for manually adding money every time you are running low and want to place an order. 

  • Enable Automatic top-up.


  • Now you can set the minimum balance for the Wallet to automatically top-up the credit and also define how much money you want to add.


  • Press Save and this will bring you back to the Wallets main screen. You will see a confirmation message that the Automatic top-up was successfully activated.

The automatic top-up feature will ensure that, if after placing an order the balance of your wallet falls below the minimum amount, your card will be charged with the set amount to recharge your credit.


Using my wallet to pay orders

We will charge your order(s) using the wallet that matches the currency selected when you are placing the order.


If there is not enough money in that wallet we will try charging your EUR Wallet (default Wallet). If that fails then the order will be charged to your credit card.

Note: Please note that if the order value is higher than the residual amount in your wallet, the system will automatically draw such amount from your credit card only. 


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