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How can I add mockups to my products in Shopify?

You can add beautiful mockups for the products you sell in Shopify when you add a new product using the Gelato+Shopify integration. Let's see how - it takes a minute!

Note: Please note that it is currently not possible to create mockups for your existing products in Shopify. Also, the mockup generator cannot be used outside the product creation flow. 

You can select among a number of scenes that will make your designs come to life and look stunning ("Choose how to present your product").



Then you will need to select one mockup style among the ones selected at the top ("Mockups that will be added yo your store").

Please note that in Shopify, one variant can only have one image which will be in the same mockup style as the main product image.



You can decide to upload the mockups as PNG (larger but transparent files) or JPG (smaller to make your pages load faster).

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