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How do I set up Gelato shipping profiles in Shopify?

Gelato shipping profiles for Shopify have been created to allow you to easily mirror the shipping costs Gelato will charge you to your customers at checkout. This means that you will charge your customer exactly the same amount that Gelato charges you for shipping. 

How it works

Gelato shipping profiles are automatically created in your Shopify store when you connect your store to Gelato and products are automatically assigned to the relevant shipping profile when you add a new product from Gelato. If you already have existing products in your Shopify store, you will need to manually assign them to a Gelato shipping profile (or to your own shipping profiles). 

Important: All new products you add to your Shopify store using the Gelato integration will be automatically assigned to a shipping profile which will reflect the flat shipping rates we offer. If you want to offer a different shipping rate for some products, you must create your own shipping profiles in Shopify and assign your products to those. Please do NOT make changes to Gelato shipping profiles as these won't be retained.


Gelato shipping profiles in Shopify

The Gelato shipping profiles can be accessed from your Shopify account by clicking on Settings > Delivery and shipping > App shipping profiles.


Note: Please note that shipping profiles might change over time to reflect changing shipping costs. Also, it is not possible to charge an exact flat rate on Shopify due to some technical limitations - you can read more about this here.

Additional information

Charging an exact flat rate on Shopify is quite challenging. Due to the way in which Shopify calculates shipping rates, it is not possible to mirror the exact flat shipping rates that Gelato offers.

In particular, it is not possible to set up shipping in Shopify in such a way that can reflect the "First product" + "Additional product" setup.

This means that, if you are selling 2 A4 posters to Europe in the same order, according to Gelato the shipping rate should be EUR 5.10 for the first product + EUR 0.25 for the second product for a grand total of EUR 5.35. However, for this order, Shopify will change your customer EUR 5.10 x 2 = EUR 10.20. 

Below we suggest an alternative solution which, although not perfect, works in most cases.



Say you sell posters in 2 sizes - 30x40cm and 70x100cm. In order to match our flat shipping rates, you would need to assign an arbitrary weight to both these variants on Shopify.

For example, you set that 30x40cm variant weighs 50g and one 70x100cm weighs 500g (although this is not the actual weight). Then in Shopify shipping settings, you would set that for EU orders with a weight between 50 and 499g shipping should cost EUR 5.10 which is our shipping rate for 30x40cm posters within the EU.

Then you would create a new shipping tier stating that for all orders with a weight between 0.5-1 kg shipping price should be EUR 5.55 which is our shipping rate for 70x100cm posters.

If you had an order for ten 30x40cm posters then it would automatically calculate the order total weight as 500g and charge the next tier, i.e. EUR 5.55. This is not optimal, but unfortunately, it is the way Shopify works at the moment.


Tip: You can read more about Shopify shipping profiles in Shopify Help Center.


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