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Frames & Hangers - Stock Status

Q4 2020 Stock update


We have an agile supply chain and we expect to be in stock for all the sizes we support in Q4-2020. However there could be longer delivery times on select few sizes when we sell faster than expected and replenishment arrives a bit later.

When you buy a frame or framed poster in inches and ship it to a country where we produce frames in centimeters, we will convert to equivalent centimeter format to use local stock and deliver fast. You can find the full list of inch sizes with equivalent centimeter sizes here


Items that are temporarily out of stock (updated November, 30th 2020)


The following sizes are out of stock and awaiting replenishment. They will have longer delivery time:

  1. 480mm black and natural wood, 510mm white hangers in the US: new stock expected in Q1
  2. 8x12inch black wood, 12x16inch natural wood, 18x24inch white and natural wood in the US: new stock expected 4th December
  3. 700x1000mm black and silver in Europe: new stock expected 4th December
  4. 710mm natural wood in Europe: new stock expected 11th December

All other frame and hanger formats are in stock in all regions. 



Discontinued Sizes


  • These three sizes are not available anymore in EU/RoW and we will not take orders for them anymore. 
Frame size Replaced or Discontinued?
279x432mm  Discontinued
457x610mm Replaced by 450x600mm
610x914 Replaced by 600x900mm



How Gelato supports you when a frame or hanger is out of stock

  1. If you place an order for a size that is temporarily out of stock (<1 week):  Your order will get a longer delivery time. You can check the delivery times for any order in your Gelato dashboard.
  2. If you place an order for a size that is temporarily out of stock (>1 week) - Your order will get a longer delivery time and you can check this in your Gelato dashboard. In addition Gelato's support team will contact you to offer alternatives (accept longer delivery time, choose different color in stock, or get a refund). 


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