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What technology is used to print on t-shirts (and any textile product)?

Our standard process is the Direct to Garment (DTG) method of printing. This is the equivalent to digital printing for paper and it's ideal for printing on-demand on cotton.

Please note that color disparities can arise. As a result, the final appearance of your prints may be influenced by a multitude of distinct factors such as different printers, color profiles, settings, and processes. We want to be transparent and ensure your satisfaction, which is why we cannot promise absolute color precision of 100%.

That means:

  • We can create photo-quality prints with the maximum detail in design
  • You have extensive color options and the number of colors doesn't affect the pricing
  • There are no order minimums so it's suitable for small batches
  • You can print on cotton or high cotton-content fabrics
  • It's more eco-friendly than other methods (water-based ink, less waste) 

We currently do not offer sublimation or screen printing.


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