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What printing options do you offer for apparel/clothing (front/back printing, sleeves, inside label)?

Front and Back

We support printing on the front and on the back of most apparel items. If the selected garment has a racerback, it may not be possible to print on the back of the item.

Sleeves, Inner, and Outer Labels

In our production facilities in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand, it is now also possible to design the sleeves, inner labels, and outer labels of selected apparel products, including:

Please be aware of the following limitations when printing on the inner and outer labels:

  • All garments will come with a small fabric label with care instructions and production country, even if you choose to add your design to the inner label. The brand label will be removed. Usually the fabric label will include the size, but we can't 100% guarantee this currently.
  • Printing on the outer label is not compatible with printing on the back of the same item.
  • Outer and inner labels cannot be printed together
  • Inner and outer labels cannot be standalone designs

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