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Getting Started with Etsy

Welcome to Gelato!

In this guide, you will find the most important information to get started if you want to integrate your Etsy store with Gelato.

If you haven't done it already, please create a free Gelato account. It takes only a few minutes!


Connect your Etsy store to Gelato

Connecting your Etsy store to Gelato is super easy! 

  • Go to to create a new Etsy account (please be sure that you create a Seller account and that you complete the account creation on Etsy before you connect your store)
  • Create a free Gelato account in minutes (if you haven't already)


Did you know, that you can get 1:1 help from our Onboarding Specialists,
when setting up your Etsy store and getting first sales?
You can reach out to us via email,
or schedule a free 30-min video call with one of the team members.


List Gelato as your production partner

If you're selling print on demand products on your store, Etsy's policy asks you to list your production partner.



Add Gelato products to your Etsy store

If you don't have any existing products in your Etsy store, you can add Gelato products in minutes! Watch this video to see how simple it is.

The products are added as a draft. This is done so that Etsy won't charge you until you are sure that you really want to publish that product. 

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When adding a new listing from Gelato, the option available is "Start designing" which gives you access to our design editor so that you can upload an image (you cannot upload a PDF in this case) and resize it to fit it to the printable area. 


Migrating existing Etsy products to Gelato

If you are already using another print on demand provider to fulfill your orders, you can also migrate your existing products to Etsy to be fulfilled with Gelato.  



Additional resources

For additional resources, please refer to the dedicated section on Etsy.




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