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Can I order a canvas in cm in North America and in inches in the Rest of the World (or vice-versa)?

Absolutely! Gelato will handle this complexity for you so that your customers are able to order any format (in inches or in centimeters) regardless of the country selected.

When your customer buys a product in inches and ships it to a country where we produce it in centimeters, we will convert the order to the closest match according to the table below. The same applies to the opposite case too (centimeters to inches).


Metric Size (cm) Inch Size (in)
20x20 8x8
20x25 8x10
20x30 8x12
20x60 8x24
27x35 11x14
30x30 12x12
30x40 12x16
30x45 12x18
30x60 12x24
30x90 12x36
30x100 12x40
40x40 16x16
40x50 16x20
40x60 16x24
40x80 16x32
50x50 20x20
50x60 20x24
50x70 20x28
50x75 20x30
50x100 20x40
45x60 18x24
60x60 24x24
60x75 24x30
60x80 24x32
60x90 24x36
70x100 28x40
90x120 36x48
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