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Why is my image blurry or pixelated?

If you are uploading your files as print-ready PDFs, please review our design guidelines to get the best print results. Alternatively, you can simply upload images using our design editor to create your file from scratch (using a PNG/JPG file and/or adding text boxes).

Tip: We always recommend uploading high-resolution files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Note: DPI (dots per inch) is the number of dots in a printed inch. The more dots the higher the quality of the print (more sharpness and detail)


Blurry image

If the uploaded file is printed as blurry then it is likely due to the original file being blurry. Blurriness is not always easy to notice. You can check it by zooming the image. If the image becomes exceedingly fuzzy then it means it is not sharp enough.

The best option, in this case, would be replacing the image with a different one.


Pixelated image

To ensure the best printing result we recommend that your files have at least 300 dpi. Files with a range of 150-300 dpi will most often print with good quality, while files with less than 150 dpi or much more than 300 dpi will be bad quality prints. 

Tip: Always ensure that you select the highest resolution versions of an image you have. 

It is possible that the preview looks pixelated, even though your original file is good/sharp. This can happen when an image is zoomed. In this case, please use a different image or make sure that the image looks good even after you zoom it in 3x. 


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