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Supported Shopify themes for Shopify Personalization

If the "Personalize design" button doesn't show in your Shopify store checkout, this might be due to different reasons:

  • You haven't added a product with customizable elements. See how to do this here.
  • Your theme might not support this feature. Please check the list of themes and the support available below.
  • You need to add a CSS class selector btn-addtocart to Add to Cart button HTML. Please refer to the documentation of your Shopify theme or contact the theme developer for more details on how to do that.

  • Tag <div data-gelato-customization="1"></div> is missing from the product description HTML. This tag is added automatically during the product publishing process but could have been removed when manually editing the product description via Shopify.Screenshot_2022-01-07_at_12.04.08.png

You can read more about how to style the "Personalize Design" button in your Shopify store here.

If you are using a supported theme and you have verified that the <div data-gelato-customization="1"></div> tag is not missing, please contact the developer of the Shopify theme for support.

Supported Shopify themes for advanced personalization

If you have set up an item for sale in Shopify that allows your customers to use the in-store editor to make simple product personalization or advanced personalization, you may expect to see the updated design in the product thumbnail in the cart.

Please note that this is not always supported by some themes and if you are using an unsupported theme, the default pre-personalization design will be reflected in the cart thumbnail. If your theme is unsupported, please get in touch with your theme developer for assistance.

Here's a list of common themes along with the support for this function:

Theme Name Personalized Design Button Updated Customized Design in Cart thumbnail Edit from Cart
Beyond Yes *Yes No
Brooklyn Yes *Yes No
Craft Yes Yes No
Dawn Yes Yes Yes
Debut Yes Yes No
Editorial Yes Yes No
Envy Yes *Yes No
Impulse Yes *Yes No
Loft No No No
Minimal Yes Yes No
Motion Yes Yes No
Parallax Yes *Yes No
Prestige Yes Yes No
Simple Yes Yes No
Spark Yes Yes No
Streamline Yes Yes No
Studio Yes Yes No
Supply Yes *Yes No
Symmetry Yes Yes No
Vision Yes Yes Yes
Warehouse Yes No No

While we may currently provide support for selected themes when updates are made by theme developers, it may be possible that the product thumbnail does not update.

*For themes Beyond, Brooklyn, Envy, Parallax and Supply the updated previews are supported, but might be a bit distorted or some behavior could be inconsistent

We support personalized thumbnails in the shopping cart in the above situations, but not at checkout. This is an improvement that has been noted for future development.

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