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What brands of clothing do you offer?

Unequaled quality is important to you, to your customers, and to Gelato. We have carefully chosen to partner with some of the world’s leading clothing brands, who deliver consistent, superior quality.

Today our suppliers include: 

From day one, sustainability and building an eco-friendly print cloud have been at the core of how Gelato makes decisions.


Local Production - The key benefit of Gelato

The key element for us has been to bring all production to the local market in which the end-customer lives. With local production, we not only strengthen the local community of entrepreneurs and business owners but also massively shorten delivery distances. Long delivery distance is a major carbon emitter in the global print-on-demand industry. We are really really proud of the positive impact our solution has created on our planet.

Local production also means that we choose to work with local businesses and that the brands we use will vary by country, product, and location to ensure that you always get the best products at the lowest prices and with the fastest delivery times. Therefore you cannot order products from a specific supplier.


Substitute Garments for Supply Chain Resilience 

Gelato takes multiple approaches to ensure that your favorite garment is always in stock. However, in the event that a blank garment is out of stock with no clear estimated replenishment date available, Gelato partners could fulfill the order using a substitute garment pre-approved by Gelato to avoid any delays. 

The substitution process is strictly based on the guidelines below: 

  • The substitute is equivalent to the primary garment in terms of style, size, material composition, and color
  • The substitute is only used when the primary garment is out of stock 
  • The substitute garment is of equivalent or superior quality to the primary garment 

Curious about the quality and details of our products? Our product catalog includes descriptions of each item, and you can find information about the possible brands and models that might be used for each product (see example below whereby a Premium Unisex Crewneck T-shirt might be either a Bella+Canvas 3001/3001CVC or a B&C BCTU004). We refer to our suppliers’ websites for more detailed product information.


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