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Start selling Apparel/Clothing

Apparel or clothing is the latest addition to our extensive product catalogue. You can now complete your product offering going beyond paper products and start selling amazing personalized clothing.

We currently offer 15 products - including t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more in different variants and colours - produced in the UK, US, Germany and Australia, and soon in more countries (Where is my apparel/clothing order printed?). This also means that we choose to work with local businesses and that the brands we use will vary by country, product and location to ensure that you always get the best products at the lowest prices and with the fastest delivery times. You can read more about the brands we work with here: What brands of clothing do you offer?.

You can find all the formats and product combinations we offer in our Product Catalogue


Available products

We have in our product catalogue 700 SKUs of tank tops, teessweatshirts, pullover hoodies, and zip hoodies with crewneck, V-neck, short sleeve, long sleeve, kids sizes, and a large range of solid, heather, and triblend colors.

Our product portfolio is constantly evolving. For the latest additions please check our product catalogue and stay tuned for more updates!

Explore apparel in our Product Catalogue >


Print technology

Our standard process is the Direct to Garment (DTG) method of printing. This is the equivalent to digital printing for paper and it's ideal for printing on-demand on cotton.

That means:

  • We can create photo-quality prints with the maximum detail in design
  • You have extensive colour options and the amount of colours doesn't affect pricing
  • There are no order minimums so it's suitable for small batches
  • You can print on cotton
  • It's more eco-friendly than other methods (water-based ink, less waste) 

Note: We currently do not offer embroidery, sublimation and screen printing.


Print options

Currently, we offer front and back printing. This means that your design can take most of the front and/or the back of the garment. This option also allows you to print outer labels. 

Note: Printing on sleeves and on the inside label is currently not supported.


You can read more about apparel/clothing in our dedicated Help Center section.

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