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Do I have to list Gelato as a production partner on Etsy?

Yes. If you're selling print on demand products on your store, Etsy's policy asks you to list your production partner.

Here's how you can do that: 

  • First, visit the Settings tab, then go to Production partners, and add Gelato as yours (you can make this hidden on your store page - more on this below). When it comes to the location, you can add "Oslo, Norway" which is our HQ.
  • Second, go to your listings and edit the “About this listing” tab to say that “Another company or person” made it.
  • Then select “Gelato” as the company who made that product.

Keep in mind that you don't have to publicly show Gelato as your production partner, you can choose to make this information hidden for your customer. In this case, you will need to add a descriptive title that will appear instead of the production partner's name, e.g. "Print on demand drop shipper".

You can read more about this in Etsy's Help Center.

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