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How do I create my design for a Wall Calendar?

Creating your design for a calendar is easy!

  • You can either use our online design editor that will give you a blank template to edit it page by page. You will be able to select a number of pre-made layouts to help you create a beautiful design, add images or/and text boxes.


  • Alternatively, you can download our sample template that will show you how the file should be created so you can recreate the print-ready file. More info on this below.


Creating a print-ready file for a Wall Calendar 

Your file PDF print-ready file should contain:

  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages
  • 1 blank page

This is the overview of how the PDF file should look like:

This is the overview of how your file will look like in the preview after the upload:

Currently, wall calendars can be printed with the following specifications:

  • Printing: Single-sided
  • Paper: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-glossy silk paper
  • Formats:
    • 11x8.5in (LT size) for the US and Canada
    • 5.5x16.5in for the US and Canada
    • 11x16.5in for the US and Canada
    • 8.5x8.5in (SQ size) for the US and Canada
    • 297x420mm (A3 size) for the rest of the world
    • 297x210mm (A4 size) for the rest of the world
    • 210x210mm for the rest of the world
    • 400z148mm for the rest of the world

Note: Right now we do not offer templates for our calendars. Still, you can download a sample calendar to get a better understanding of how your file should be created.


Download an example

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