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Getting Started with Taxes

Important: Do not consider this professional tax advice. We strongly advise you to consult a tax specialist to find out your specific obligations.

In order to secure correct handling of your delivery to your customers, reducing the number of extra charges, customs, and delays, Gelato is producing locally in 30+ countries, selecting the location closest to your customer. 

Where is Gelato registered?

We are also registered in multiple countries and states: 

  • VAT registered in 16 countries in Europe as well as in Australia and New Zealand
  • Registered for sales tax in 28 states in the United States
  • GST/HST registered in Canada 
  • Local legal entities in Norway, China, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil and Chile

When do I need to consider taxes?

Tax needs to be considered both when you purchase your products from Gelato, and as you are charging your own customers. Whether or not tax is due, and the corresponding tax rate depends on: 

  • Where you are registered
  • The item purchased
  • The shipping country and the buyer's registered location
  • The production (printing) country - typically the same as the destination country

Where can I see the applicable taxes to my orders?

When Gelato needs to charge tax, you will see the applicable taxes in the website checkout and as a line item on your billing invoices and receipts. Gelato's local tax ids will be written on your invoice.

Additional resources

Click here to read more about VAT and indirect taxes in:

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