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How can I convert the size of my design from centimeters/inches to pixels?

In order to convert centimeters or inches to pixels, you will also need to know the resolution of your image. In order to obtain good print results, we recommend using a resolution of at least 150 DPI, preferably 300 DPI.

To convert centimeters or inches to pixels, you can use one of the many free tools available online, for example:

For example, 10 cm corresponds to ~590px at 150 DPI and to ~1180px at 300 DPI.

Moreover, Millimeter to pixel conversion equation is:
Pixel = Millimeter * ( Resolution / 25.4 )

e.g. in case of 300 dpi resolution files Pixel = Millimeter * (300 dpi/25.4= 11.81),

so Pixel = Millimeter * 11.81

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