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Can I change the details of a Shopify product connected to Gelato?

Yes, you can change the details (such as design, mockups, title/description, prices) of a Shopify product that has been already connected to Gelato.

Products with all variants connected to the same product type (connected after May 27, 2021)

All the variants of a product must be connected to Gelato with the same product type (ie. if the product is for a poster, all variants must be for poster products, none of the variants should be framed posters or posters with hangers). If one or more variants are connected to a different product type or are not connected in Gelato, please refer to the next section.

  1. Click on Stores and select the store the product is in
  2. Find the product from the list and left mouse click on it
  3. On the top of the product page, click on one of the available options:


  • Edit designs will let you change the design of the file
  • Edit mockups will let you change the mockups
  • Edit details will let you change the product title and description
  • Edit prices will let you change the product prices and margin


      4. Apply the necessary changes and then click on Publish to Store.


Products added/connected before May 27, 2021. This also applies if not all the variants of a product are connected to Gelato.

1. Click on Stores and select the store the product is in

2. Find the product from the list and click on Edit next to the product


3. Find the variant you want to edit and click on Edit next to it


4. Follow the flow to reconfigure the product and upload the new design.


If you wish to edit the product description, you can use the dedicated button:



If you wish to change prices or mockups for products connected before May 27, 2021, this will need to be done via Shopify admin account.



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