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What happens when an order is sent to multiple print locations?

Note: Split orders are currently supported for orders being placed via Shopify and in the dashboard. Support for orders placed via API and Etsy will be released soon. 

Our production and logistics network consist of 100+ print partners in 33 countries around the world which makes us less vulnerable to border disruptions and delays. This also enables us to secure that we print each part of your order in the smartest way possible based on our print partners’ capabilities as well as your customers’ shipping address.

We strive to have as many products printed with the print partner closest to your customer as possible. When it is not possible to print all parts of an order with the same print partner we will split your order into multiple orders. This way we are able to get each part of the order to your customer in the fastest and most effective way. 



Your customer, who lives in Paris, France, buys 3 mugs, 2 framed posters, and a photo book from you, in one order from your Shopify store. The order number in Shopify is #1068. Gelato determines that the order should be split into: 

  • #1068 (1/2): Printed at print location 1 located in France and containing 3 mugs and 1 photo book 
  • #1068 (2/2): Printed at print location 2 located in Germany and containing 2 framed posters

The order is split into 2 separate orders. You can tell they are connected as both retain your original order number and have the (Part # /Total number of parts) after the order number. 

We send all tracking codes into Shopify so that your customer gets the tracking information in the shipping confirmation email. 

In this case, your customers will receive 2 packages - one from Print location 1 and one from Print location 2. 


Working with split-orders

When an order is split it is divided into a number of orders depending on how many locations are needed. You can easily see which orders are split by the end of their order number where we add (Part # / Total number of parts), e.g. (1/2) for the first order out of 2 orders. 

Note: The parts of a split-order behave like all other orders. That means that you can reorder, update the shipping address, cancel individually for each order. 


Advantages of splitting orders

By splitting orders we can most effectively route each part of the original order so that your customers get the products in the fastest possible way. It also secures that you are able to correctly report your tax for each order as the tax of an order is determined by multiple factors, including print location. So by having all items in an order relate to one print location it ensures that you can effectively and correctly report and pay taxes. 


Calculating shipping price

The shipping price is calculated separately for each part of the split-order with the same rules and logic that we use for all orders. 



Continuing the example from above when the customer had bought 3 mugs, 2 framed posters, and a photo book and the original order was split into 2 orders. 

  • #1068 (1/2): Printed at print location 1 located in France and containing: 3 mugs and 1 photo book 
  • #1068 (2/2): Printed at print location 2 located in Germany and containing: 2 framed posters

The shipping price for 1068 (1/2) will be calculated as: 

First item price for 1 mug + additional price for 2 mugs + first item price for 1 photo book


The shipping price for 1068 (2/2) will be calculated as: 

First item price for 1 framed poster + additional price for 1 framed poster


Placing a split-order in the Gelato Dashboard

You will only be able to tell that the order will need to be split when you select the shipping method as only one shipping option will be available: “Economy delivery (Multiple print locations)”

For each part of the order, we will automatically select the cheapest shipping option for you. The price you pay is the sum of the shipping price for each part of the order (see above how the shipping price is calculated). 

The delivery time displayed will be the delivery time for the part of the order that will take the longest to produce and ship. So the delivery time indicates when your customer will have received all parts of the order


Split-order in Shopify

If an order is placed via Shopify we will automatically split the order if needed. The shipping price is calculated as the sum of the shipping price for each part of the order. Each part of the order is represented in Shopify as its own parcel and has its own fulfilment status. Each parcel will get its own tracking code and separate fulfilment status updates. Once a parcel is sent it will be shown in Shopify and your customer will get a shipping confirmation email for that parcel. 

If you would cancel the order via Shopify, before they have been printed, then you will cancel each order part. 

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