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How do I see and edit the status of my products and product variants in Shopify?

When you access your Shopify store from the Gelato Dashboard (Stores > your store name), you will see all the products currently in your store displayed, regardless of who is fulfilling orders for those products (Gelato, another POD provider or no one).

For each product listed, you will see - on the right and in different colours - the number of variants as well as their status:

  • Connected (1): This means that a specific variant is connected to Gelato and that Gelato will be fulfilling any order that comes through for that specific variant
  • Not connected (2): This means that a specific variant is not connected to Gelato and that Gelato won't be fulfilling any order that comes through for that specific variant
  • Ignored (3): This means that a specific variant will be ignored by Gelato, e.g. because another POD provider will be fulfilling orders for such a variant and that Gelato won't be fulfilling any order that comes through for that specific variant

If you click on "Edit" you can see the details for each product, including the specifications of all the variants.


Why do you show all products on this page even though they won't be fulfilled by Gelato?

The reason is that this is the only way for you to be able to connect a product and/or a specific variant to Gelato in the future, e.g. if you decide to switch POD supplier - more info here: How do I move my existing Shopify products to Gelato? 

Note: Please bear in mind that, unless the variants of a specific product are connected to Gelato, Gelato won't be fulfilling orders for those product variants. Hence, if you don't want Gelato to fulfil orders for a specific product and/or a specific variant, simply ignore it as shown below. 


Can I remove a product or a variant from this page?

Yes, you can remove products and variants from Gelato directly. You can do this for products and variants that are connected as well as those that are not connected.

To delete a variant or product, click on the three dots next to Edit or Edit variant and select Delete. 

You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Once you confirm, the deletion will be synchronized through to your Shopify store and the action cannot be undone. You will have to add the product again either from Gelato or directly in Shopify.

You can see how deleting a product and variant will look like below.



Another way to delete a product is from your Shopify store: Go to your Shopify store > Products > All products > Select the product > More actions > Delete products (see below).


Ignoring a Product

If you do not want to delete your item, you can simply set the product or the product variant to status "Ignored", as shown below:

  • If the variant is not connected to Gelato, click on the "Ignore" button on the right
  • If the variant is connected to Gelato, click on the 3-dots menu on the right and select "Disconnect" (the status will become "Not connected") or "Ignore" (the status will become "Ignored")



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