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How do I sell bundles in Shopify?

There are times where you want to sell multiple products together as one product. For example, 3 framed posters that look great next to each other on the wall. Follow this guide to set this up for your store. 

This guide shows how it is done with Shopify but the same principles apply to all other e-commerce platforms too. 



Create your product bundle in your e-commerce store

If you already have your bundle in your Shopify (or other) store then you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, start by creating the product bundle. In this example, we will create a bundle for 3 framed posters. Note that the bundle could be anything and they do not need to be the same products. 

Add in Shopify the product with the regular information: title, description, image, price etc and then save it. 

In this example, we will be selling 3 posters with white frames with flower artwork. 


Note that in Gelato the bundle will be split into separate products/items and there is no bundle pricing on Gelato's side. In the above example it will be 3 framed posters. The price you pay Gelato will be the sum of the price of each of those 3 framed posters. The price your customers pay to you is decided by you. 


Create each separate product inside of Gelato

In Gelato, we now need to set up each of the framed posters that represent each part of the bundle. 

Create each product with the normal process for creating a product in the Gelato dashboard. Go through each of the steps of designing your artwork, selecting mockups, product details and prices. 


On the product details page deselect "Show product to store visitors". This will make the product a draft inside of your e-commerce store. 

Note that this assumes that you do not want to sell the parts of the bundle separately. If you also want that customers should be able to buy them separately then you can select to show it on your store. 


Complete the details and pricing and then press Publish product. 

Repeat for each of the products that should be in the bundle. 


Activate 'Import not connected orders'

To be able to capture the bundled product from Shopify (or other systems) it is needed that Gelato can import orders that are not connected to Gelato. This means that when an order is made for the bundled product it will show up in your order list in Gelato as 'Not connected'. Then you can choose to fulfil it with Gelato. 

To activate Import orders: Go to Stores -> Select your store -> Settings -> Enable "Import not connected orders"



When an order that is not connected comes into the system it will look similar to the below. 



Changing the bundle to the separate products

The final step is to now fulfil the order with the separate products and remove the bundle product. 

When you click on the order it will look like below. The bundled product is marked as being 'Not connected'. 

Click 'Complete order' to start the fulfilment process.



Select "Add product"


And then 'Select existing product'



Select one of your created products. 



The product is added to your order. 

Repeat this with each of the additional products in the bundle. 



Click "Ignore" on the original bundled product. And select to ignore it only for this order. This means that next time the bundled product comes in another order will be created, which is what you want. 



When you have ignored the original product and have at least one product added the status will change of the order to 'Pending approval'. You can now continue to the shipping and payment pages to complete the order and send it to the customer. Make sure of course that all parts of your bundle are included. In this example, all 3 flower posters should be included before sending it to the customer. 


Now you are done. 


Note that currently when ignoring the original product we can't send the tracking code into Shopify and Etsy. You can manually add or send it to the customer. This is an area we are looking to improve. 






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