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How does the integration with Shutterstock work?

The integration with Shutterstock allows creating products with 360+ million images provided by Shutterstock, which can be published to your store at no upfront cost to you. Whenever the product containing a design from Shutterstock is sold, the Gelato product cost will contain a small fee which will go to Shutterstock.

How it works

1. Log in to your Gelato account and follow the usual steps for creating a product: Click on Design your print and then select the Shutterstock option on the left in the Gelato editor.

Note: By using images from Shutterstock you agree to Shutterstock's Terms of Service.


2. Once the Shutterstock image library has opened, you’ll be able to choose between two collections:

  • Essentials – a large selection of 1 million of the most popular stock images from Shutterstock
  • Full collection – choose from 360+ million different images

3. You can also use the search bar to find suitable images as well as apply filters and sort the search results to help you find the most suitable image:

  • Photo: photographic images
  • Vector: digitally created images. Please note that vector graphics will be converted to rasterized graphics.
  • Illustration: digitally created designs.


4. Adjust the final file placement on the product, preview it, and click on Continue when done.


Note: When designing the Shutterstock image will be shown on screen in maximum 580x800 px. If you zoom in the image itself might look pixelated. The image shown on screen has reduced resolution. The real print will use a higher resolution. If you do not see any resolution warning for the image then the image will always print well. If you see a resolution warning the follow the instructions given in it.

5. Follow the usual process of publishing the product: Choose your mockups, adjust the product description and pricing, and proceed by clicking Publish.

Note: As per the Terms of Service of Shutterstock integration, the author of the chosen design is automatically added to the product listing’s description field with this format "Image by <artist> / Shutterstock".



You will only pay when you have sold a product that has Shutterstock content in it with the following pricing structure:


Legacy Free Customers

(Before Gelato+ launch)

Gelato+ Customers
Essentials collection design fee: USD 1 per image Free!

Full collection design fee: 17% of the Gelato product price (with a minimum fee of USD 1.49)

Full collection design fee: 13% of the Gelato product price (with a minimum fee of USD 1.39)

Examples of pricing for Legacy Free customers

  • If Gelato's product cost is USD 5 (17% of the product cost is USD 0.85, which is lower than USD 1.49), the design fee will be USD 1.49 (minimum fee).
  • If Gelato's product cost is USD 10 (17% of the production cost is USD 1.70, which is higher than USD 1.49) the fee will be USD 1.70.
  • If you use an image with design fee USD 1, and sell 10 framed posters with that image => then total design fee that you will be charged is USD 10. 


Things to note

  • By using the integration, you agree to Shutterstock's Terms of Service.
  • You can use the same image multiple times in a product and only pay for it once
  • It is possible to use multiple Shutterstock images in the same product. If that's the case, the image fee will apply to each unique image. E.g. If you are using 3 different images in the same product, then you will pay the price for each of those (3 x individual price)
  • By using this service, you are purchasing the right to use the image for the chosen product via Gelato. However, the image itself can’t be downloaded.
  • Products with Shutterstock images have the same mockups as other products. However, mockups showing only the artwork itself as the mock and without background are not allowed.
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