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How can I set up my credit card to be charged instead of Gelato Wallet?

If you don’t want your Gelato Wallet to be charged, please make sure to withdraw all the money from the Wallet as described here and disable automatic top-up in the Wallet via Gelato Dashboard > Your Initials in the upper right corner of the screen > Billing > Payment > Wallets. Once there you can click on three dots in the relevant wallet section and choose the "Edit Wallet" option to make necessary changes.


Once it is done, your credit card will be automatically charged for future orders.

You can also set up a backup credit card in Wallets > Setup automatic top-up to ensure that the system will charge the additional payment method and continue the process if the default card can not be used. 

We will still issue refunds to Gelato Wallet.

Multiple charges from the card can be treated as fraudulent.

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